Warm and Wet California September...Except Where It Wasn't

See:  http://ggweather.com/calif/sep2014.htm 

Most of California ended the month with above normal temperatures, with average maxima ranging from 1.4 above normal at Sacramento to 5.1 above normal in San Diego (one of their warmest on record).  The exceptions were San Francisco and San Jose, the victim of June gloom that has over-stayed its welcome, which had anomalies of -0.3 and -1.9 respectively.

Northern and Central California posted some gaudy monthly percent of normal (PoN) rainfall numbers, due in part to the relatively low normal rainfall amounts and to the over-producing storm on the the 25th.  Eureka led the pack with 520% and Redding was close behind at 505%.  Totals dropped off from north to south with Fresno at just 106% of normal, while the South Coast was close to zero.  


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 Jan Null, CCM