SF Record Dry Days and Updated California Period of Record Rainfall

There is lots of obvious interest in the lack of rain, with many California location going ZERO for February; even with an extra Leap Day.

1. It is likely that there will be no rain in SF through the end of the month; which will make a total of 32 dry days since the City's last measurable precipitation (i.e., 0.09" on 1/28). This will be tie it with 2013-2014 as the 4th longest winter dry spell. Previously:
For context, here are some other record San Francisco dry and wet spells from Climate of San Francisco (https://ggweather.com/sf/)

2. Also with heightened interest in the historical context of this year's rainfall I have put together Period of Record monthly rainfall for over 50 California locales; including the Sierra Nevada Indices and the seven state Climate Divisions. See https://ggweather.com/monthly/

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