High Pressure Blues

Back during the California drought of 1975-77 I was an Intern at the National Weather Service and decided to be "clever" and write the California Weather Summary on Valentine's Day 1977 in poetic verse titled "High Pressure Blues".  (NWS management was not amused)  I'm sure all will agree that it's a good thing that I can make my living as a meteorologist and not as a poet. 

However,  the meteorology is certainly just as apropos  for the current drought.   An image of the original teletype message can be seen

and is replicated below.

High Pressure Blues

Strong High Pressure
Remains firmly entrenched...
Blocking all storm
That might leave us drenched.

Light offshore breezes
Are warming the air...
To unseasonable readings
Under skies fair and warm.

Temps in the 70s
Were found all around...
And marks over 80
In the south state were found.

Some rain would be nice
With snow in the mountains...
Enough to fill up the dams
Or even some ountains.

But the new forecast says
It's more sunny days...
With patches of fog
And afternoon haze.

E Jan Null
Feb 14, 1977