Celebrating 50 Years of Meteorology



This month marks the 50th Anniversary of my graduating from UC Davis and starting my career as a meteorologist. It’s been a great journey, and I am blessed for both the challenges and friendships along the way. And to answer the inevitable question, no, I don’t plan on stopping as long as it’s fun and engaging!

I have been fortunate to parlay my 23+ years as a National Weather Service forecaster into a second career, now over 26 years, as the  founder of Golden Gate Weather Services and a successful Certified Consulting Meteorologist. I am proud of both, and they have been extremely satisfying.

My Timeline:
1974: BS Atmospheric Science, UC Davis
1974-1975: Meteorologist Intern – WFO SFO Airport
1976-1980: Meteorologist – WSFO Redwood City
1980-1983: Meteorologist-in-Charge – CWSU Oakland ARTCC
1983-1994: Lead Forecaster – WSFO Redwood City
1994-1997: Lead Forecaster – WSFO Monterey
1998-present: Founder – Golden Gate Weather Services

Along the way I have been able to teach, both formally and informally, this subject that I love, as well as working on a variety of exciting projects.
1987-2014: Lecturer/Adjunct Professor – SF State University
1999-2000:  Director of Meteorology, Planetweather.com
1998-2004: Columnist, San Jose Mercury News, “The Weather Corner”
2014-present: Lecturer/Adjunct Professor - SJ State University

For over the past 23 years that has included a passion project of studying the meteorology and circumstances surrounding the tragedy of hot car child deaths. Hopefully this research will provide information (see https://www.noheatstroke.org/) will help save some precious young lives.

National Awards and Highlights:
1996: AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist
2011: NWA Public Education Award, for “… awareness of the dangers of hyperthermia …”
2013: NHTSA Public Service Award, for “… exceptional commitment, vision and tireless work to raise public awareness on the issue of heatstroke”
2015: U.S. Congressional Briefing- “The Impacts of El Niño on the U.S.”
2023: AMS Henry T. Harrison Award for Outstanding Contributions by a Consulting Meteorologist

Jan Null, CCM
Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Golden Gate Weather Services
Email: jnull@ggweather.com
Web: http://ggweather.com
Twitter: @ggweather