California Storm Rainfall Summaries

The rainfall totals across northern California were very impressive, but 4-day totals dropped off rapidly into central California.  Many locales in the north more than doubled their season to-date totals, jumping from percent of normal (PON) values in the teens to PON's in the 30% to 40% range.  See

But the important takeaway is that while this is a great start, the north half of the state would still need on the order of 4 more equivalent storm systems to get close normal.

The very important Northern Sierra 8-Station Index also jumped significantly; doubling with over 5 inches to 9.58" to-date.  This is approximately 35% of normal, up from 18% on Wednesday.  See

There have been some rain totals of over 20 inches being reported for Mt. Tamalpias.  However In light of surrounding locations this seems to be a bogus.  Kentfield's big-time 96-hour total of 11.83" would appear to be more representative.  See