California Rainfall Update and Odds


With no rain in the forecast through the end of the year, here are some updates on where California stands precipitation-wise. Most of the state north of the Tehachapis is about 75% of normal, while to the south it is averaging from near to slightly above normal.

Through Dec 31, San Francisco will be at 5.95 inches or 65% of normal. This is the 63rd driest out of the 170 seasons dating back to 1849. Looking at the 30 seasons that had this value plus/minus an inch, the corresponding end of the rainfall season (Jul 1 through Jun 30) totals ranged from 11.06" to 27.86". This breaks down further with 6 seasons at < 60% of normal, 11 seasons at 61-80% of normal, 8 seasons at 81-100% and 5 seasons in the 100 to 120 percent of normal.

Jan Null, CCM
Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Golden Gate Weather Services
Twitter: @ggweather