California Precipitation Rankings

With clearing skies over California, the current rainfall totals for the month of January seem close to final.*

For historical context, the tables below rank the 20-wettest first seven months (July through January) of the rainfall season, and how those locations ended the season in June. The two biggest takeaways:
1. Despite the impressive parade of storms in December and the first half of January, only the Central and Southern Sierra Nevada Indices barely cracked the top 10 for each location's period of record.
2.  All of these locations ended the season above normal for years that had similar amounts to where they are this year.

* Data for Los Angeles is current through 8 am January 30. A few showers still persist there, but it is doubtful that any additional rain will shift the ranking.

Jan Null, CCM
Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Golden Gate Weather Services
Twitter: @ggweather