3rd Strongest Storm since 1950

Today's storm across the SF Bay Area, is tied as the 3rd strongest storm since 1950 on the Bay Area Storm Index (BASI), and the strongest in 26 years. BASI is based on the 24-hour rainfall at the official NWS site in Downtown San Francisco, the maximum sustained wind at San Francisco Internation Airport, and the highest wind gust at elevations below 1500 feet in the nine Bay Area Counties.

As of 2 pm, Downtown SF had 2.50" (for the maximum BASI value of 4), SFO had a sustained wind to 41 mph (for the max BASI value of 3), and the highest gust has been 86 mph at Wolf Back Ridge in the Marin headlands at 1120' for 2.7 points.. 

For info on BASI and past storms see https://ggweather.com/basi.htm 

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