25th Anniversary of Dec 1995 West Coast Mega Storm

See: https://ggweather.com/dec1995/

Today and tomorrow (Dec 11-12) mark the 25th anniversary of what is arguably the strongest storm to hit the San Francisco Bay Area and the West Coast in the past 70 years. It is the only time in that period that saw SF Bay Area winds in excess of 100 mph at sea level and over 130 mph on Mount Diablo. And at the same time, San Francisco recorded over 5 inches of rain in a 30-hour period while Kentfield had in excess of 11 inches. It is the strongest storm, and benchmark of the Bay Area Storm Index (BASI) with a rating of 10.0.

Dr. John Monteverdi (Emeritus Professor of Meteorology at San Francisco State University) and I have put together a webpage with some of the highlights from this remarkable event.  See https://ggweather.com/dec1995/

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