2015 Driest First 3 Months in San Francisco Weather History

The total rainfall in San Francisco for January, February and March 2015 is just 1.59"; the lowest in the 165 years that rainfall records have been kept.  The previous record was from 2013 when there was 2.31".  The March monthly total is 0.12", the fourth lowest in SF history.


At other Bay Area locations:

San Jose has their 3rd driest JFM total with 1.94".  The record driest is 1.61" from 1972. (Records began 1875)

Santa Rosa has their 3rd driest JFM total with 4.44".  The record driest is 3.74" from 2013. (Records began 1903)

Livermore has their driest on record JFM total with 1.77".  The previous record driest was 1.83" from 1972. (Records began 1903)

Santa Cruz has their 2nd driest JFM total with 3.36".  The record driest is 2.66" from 2013. (Records began 1893)

Jan Null, CCM
Golden Gate Weather Services