Not the Wettest January or Season to Date

Yes, January and the Rainfall Season to date (July 1 to January 31) have been wetter than normal, but they are far from "the wettest" or record-setting. Only the 5-station Central Sierra Index had their wettest January on record, but that period of record goes back to only 1913, more than 60 years shorter than most of the other records. Of the individual stations with long periods of record extending back to the mid-19th century, San Francisco's 9.42" was only the 16th rainiest and Redding's 11.45" was their 23rd wettest.

Likewise, the season-to-date number have been impressive, but most have not even been in the top 10 wettest. 

The following are the Top 10 Wettest Januarys.

The following are the Top 10 Wettest July through January.

Jan Null, CCM
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