January 2016 Wet and Mild Across California

In the major cities across California the January 2016 rainfall ranged from "just" 102% of normal in Los Angeles to over 200% of normal at Redding (213%) and Fresno (202%). Rain in the critical Sierra Nevada watersheds ranged from 175% of normal in the Northern Sierra 8-Station Index  to 119% of normal in the Tulare Basin 6-Station Index. (See http://ggweather.com/calif/jan2016.htm)


The rainfall season- (July 1 to June 30) to-date totals and percentages of normal for 46 California stations are available at: http://ggweather.com/seasonal_rain.htm.

Monthly temperatures were generally warmer than normal though maxima in Redding and LA slipped in as cooler than normal.  (See http://ggweather.com/calif/jan2016.htm)

Jan Null, CCM
Golden Gate Weather Services