Dry with Some Record Warmth for February Across California


See http://ggweather.com/calif/feb2016.htm

Average maximum temperatures across California for February 2016 ranged from "just" well above normal (i.e., Eureka at +2.5 deg F) to downright toasty with average monthly maxima anomalies of between +6.1 and +9.4 degrees.  Four of the eight major stations set records for all-time warmest maxima for the month. 
                                       2016    Prev record
    San Jose                    69.0    67.8 in 2015
    Sacramento Ex AP    67.6    67.1 in 1988
    Los Angeles - City     77.5    75.6 in 1954
    San Diego                 74.4    72.1 in 1954

At the same time, rainfall across the Golden State was paltry at best, with values ranging mostly between 10 and 20% of normal.  The exceptions were at opposite ends of the state with 58% of normal in Eureka and only 2% of normal in San Diego.

This allowed rainfall season (Jul - Jun) totals to drop below normal for most of California, though prog charts for the next two weeks should produce  very strong upward movement to back above normal.  Currently: http://ggweather.com/seasonal_rain.htm 

Likewise, snowfall totals have slipped below normal, but should also show a strong recovery in coming weeks. Currently: http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/snow/COURSES

Jan Null, CCM
Golden Gate Weather Services